What We Do For Investors

Bonvolo Real Estate Investments acquires and manages multi-family and commercial buildings for investors who want monthly cash flow and increased net worth.  Investors enjoy passive income, appreciation, tax benefits, and security without being a landlord.

We run the entire real estate selection, acquisition, management, and income distribution process for you.  You become an informed passive investor who can then devote your valuable time and energy elsewhere while still enjoying all the benefits of being a real estate owner.

We provide investors near term income streams and long term capital growth by effectively deploying liquid cash or funds from IRAs (retirement accounts). We remove the volatility and uncertainty of the stock market and mutual funds while investing in tangible hard assets that thrive with inflation and exceed the returns that are available through bank accounts, CDs, bonds, and other such investment vehicles. And this all gets backed by the dependability of real estate assets, professional management, equity, and insurance.

Our investment criteria and resulting acquisitions follow the company’s conservative philosophy of buying undervalued properties with increasing upside potential. We acquire and manage properties that provide investor returns through a combination of recurring cash flow, momentum plays, value-add opportunities, and occasional sale.

Let us know if you have any questions or would like to learn more.

How We Provide Your Return On Investment