What We Do For Investors

Bonvolo Real Estate Investments acquires and manages multi-family and commercial buildings for investors who want monthly cash flow and increased net worth.  Investors enjoy passive income, appreciation, tax benefits, and security without being a landlord.

We run the entire real estate selection, acquisition, management, and income distribution process for you.  You become an informed passive investor who can then devote your valuable time and energy elsewhere while still enjoying all the benefits of being a real estate owner.

We provide investors near term income streams and long term capital growth by effectively deploying liquid cash or funds from IRAs (retirement accounts). We remove the volatility and uncertainty of the stock market and mutual funds while investing in tangible hard assets that thrive with inflation and exceed the returns that are available through bank accounts, CDs, bonds, and other such investment vehicles. And this all gets backed by the dependability of real estate assets, professional management, equity, and insurance.

Our investment criteria and resulting acquisitions follow the company’s conservative philosophy of buying undervalued properties with increasing upside potential. We acquire and manage properties that provide investor returns through a combination of recurring cash flow, momentum plays, value-add opportunities, and occasional sale.

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How We Provide Your Return On Investment

Debt or Equity Investing

  • Debt investing: Regular monthly payments at pre-set interest rates.  Dependable and consistent.
  • Equity investing: You are a co-owner of the property and share in its variable quarterly income stream plus longer term value growth.  Fluctuates depending on quarterly performance, with higher upside potential.

Primary ROI Model: Long Term Cash Flow

  • After initial property remodel and lease-up phase, then we hold for long term cash flow that provides investor returns better than most investment vehicles while also providing higher safety that is backed by real estate
  • Generally hold for at least 5 years, then either cash-out refinance to reimburse original investor funds or continue direct cash flow investment depending on current financing & sales markets plus our investors’ initial plans

Secondary ROI Model: Re-position / Add Value and Re-sell

  • Improve property conditions, lease-up, and market for high ROI sale
  • Investor gets money back sooner to reinvest elsewhere, including optional investment in next opportunity with us

Market Selection

After studying, networking, and contacting real estate brokers, property managers, city staff, Chambers of Commerce, and many other economic advisors, we have been able to target specific markets that are in the path of progress. This has allowed Bonvolo to focus on areas of growth both locally and across the country. The com