Likely my most unique podcast interviewer yet.  Thank you to Dr. Allen Lomax of Steed Talker Capital for featuring me as guest on his show “Creek Side Chats”.  Since Allen is a doctor of psychology in addition to real estate investor, it was as though he had notebook in hand while I laid on the office leather couch, all in a good and interesting way.  We delved into early influences on being a successful entrepreneur (that you can apply to your kids and family) and how to viscerally connect your real estate investing on a daily basis with a Bigger Why, among many other topics.  This episode was definitely not about cap rates and asset classes.  It was about what lies behind all of that for an individual.

In addition, Allen included me in his very informative article “Best Tips To Start Commercial Real Estate Investing“.

Thank you, Allen!

Click here to listen to the episode.

Creek Side Chats podcast show with guest real estate investor Scott Price of Bonvolo Real Estate Investments

Guest on Allen Lomax’s Creek Side Chats