I/Scott was interviewed on the “Nuts and Bolts of Real Estate Investing” show, available for you to listen at iTunes, Stitcher, and at the link here or by clicking on the picture below. Show hosts Julie Clark and Joe Bauer were interested in sharing my multi-family, office, and retail experience with their listeners, as well as talking about my transition from W-2 world to full time real estate investing.

We dove into different markets, multi-family compared to single family investing, considerations with office and retail, larger scale commercial financing, and more. In addition, I shared my perspectives on real estate investing education, building mindset, and setting yourself up for success in real estate investing.

Check it out, and let me know if you have any questions or inputs on it.

Seattle Investors Club podcast episode 27 Multi-Family Investing with Scott Price

Seattle Investors Club Nuts and Bolts of Real Estate Investing podcast show guest Scott Price