Self-promotion guru Grant Cardone’s book “The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure” can be easily summed up as “work harder, longer, and faster than anyone else and you will be successful”. Yes, there is more to it than that. And yes, it does include a lot of positive success messaging for those willing to put in their time and pay their dues. But, the book does mostly boil down to that concept.

For real estate investors, the applicability is obvious though not directly stated. Market more, network more, out-hustle the competition, take more action, research the opportunities more, etc. In fact, Cardone actually has personal aspirations revealed in the book about owning 5,000 units and having huge net worth from that.

He generally follows the “fire, ready, aim” approach of “just do it”, which is good for beginner investors nervous about making a first move. However, when working with investors’ funds it is always better to rely on years of hard educated work and then “ready, aim, fire” to have a solid performing investment.

Cardone’s personal stories and rah rah descriptions do exhibit the contagious enthusiasm of an accomplished football coach rallying the team to victory in the half time locker room. He considers success to be everyone’s “duty, obligation, and responsibility”, sounding like a sergeant leading his troops into battle. Chapter titles such as “Competition Is for Sissies”, “Obsession Isn’t a Disease, It’s a Gift”, and “Burn the Place Down” evoke the general feel and point of the book.

Perhaps the best summary of content beyond the “work harder, and then harder still” message is his summary of what separates successful people from everyone else:

  1. Have a “can do” attitude
  2. Believe that “I will figure it out”
  3. Focus on opportunity
  4. Love challenges
  5. Seek to solve problems
  6. Persist until successful
  7. Take risks
  8. Be unreasonable
  9. Be dangerous
  10. Create wealth
  11. Readily take action
  12. Always say “yes”
  13. Habitually commit
  14. Go all the way
  15. Focus on “now”
  16. Demonstrate courage
  17. Embrace change
  18. Determine and take the right approach
  19. Break traditional ideas
  20. Be goal-oriented
  21. Be on a mission
  22. Have a high level of motivation
  23. Be interested in results
  24. Have big goals and dreams
  25. Create your own reality
  26. Commit first – figure out later
  27. Be highly ethical
  28. Be interested in the group
  29. Be dedicated to continuous learning
  30. Be uncomfortable
  31. “Reach up” in relationships
  32. Be disciplined

About half of those traits are actually very important to be a successful real estate investor.  However, the other half are more for wild boy sales types than investors who are serious about building long term cash flowing wealth from sound investment properties.  So, enjoy the audacious ride but read this book with your filter on.