The Magic of Thinking Big” by David J. Schwartz is not specific to real estate investing, yet it represents essential components of being a Big Picture Real Estate Investor. For anyone wanting to expand their horizons beyond an occasional SFR rental or flip, this book will help in setting your mindset to the right direction.

The author paints with a broad brush across personal habits, action orientation, interpersonal skills, leadership, and mindset. The main sections cover the following topics:

  • Believe to succeed
  • Remove excuses
  • Build confidence, eliminate fear
  • Think bigger
  • Think creatively
  • Become what you think you are
  • Surround yourself with a supportive environment
  • Control your attitudes
  • Be good to people
  • Always move to action
  • Use bad situations to create positive futures
  • Work toward clear goals
  • Think like and be a leader

Among neophyte real estate investors there are initially many unknowns, overwhelmingly big dollars, and concerns about bad deals.  Schwartz’s inspiring messages about addressing self-doubt, education, building confidence, and leaning toward action over passivity are all applicable to real estate investors at any level.

His stories about the moral and personal benefits of treating people well, surrounding oneself with the people you want to become, and the importance of good relationships also apply as well.  Successful real estate investors know that the strength of their word and the reality of their integrity will go much further than high credit scores and a big bank account.

The biggest message of the book is of course about Thinking Big.  Real estate investing is one of those areas where investors exist at all levels and may frequently remain stuck at a given beginner’s level.  The power of affirmation and the power of intentionally moving one’s life toward the Bigger and Better apply to those investors who want to Go Big beyond personal anchors holding them back.

Schwartz’s inspiring messages help you break out of stale thought patterns, move fully toward goals, and reach for what is really important.  These are all crucial traits for successful real estate investing.